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Just In A Vegan Journey

Ive been wanting to cultivate a space that I can fully express my relationship with food, mental health, eating disorders, photography, whatever it may be ... FREELY and PASSIONATELY. I wasn't sure where to begin. If I should make only videos. If I should start a website for my vegan journey alone. I basically talked about sharing but never did because I needed it to be right but then I realized it doesn't have to be right. I can just do it and let it be what it is. Here, there are no rules nor structure in any capacity.

So where do I begin...

I guess today I can start with


Today started as a continuous night brainstorming and working on refreshing this site. It was inspiring to me when Jordan told me he wanted to work on some stuff on the computer for his career. I thought, what an amazing way to end and start the week.

Sometimes it just takes a push to begin.

One of the best convertible picnics Ive ever ... actually the first <3

To be Vegan:

  1. Veganism is Not a Diet, it’s a Way of Life

  2. Getting Our Vegucation On

  3. Create a community

  4. A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

  5. Staying Physically Active

  6. Stay Positive

  7. Making Room for Trial and Error

  8. Take it day by day

  9. Be proud

  10. Don't restrict.


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