• Justina Adorno

Booty Booty Booty & the Body

Growing up I always loved my body and was comfortable in my own skin! I was so free. But some where along the lines between puberty, media and others opinions; things happened that shifted the way I looked at myself as well as others. It came to my knowledge that people noticed any and everything about my appearance and to me that never mattered but for others it made a difference to how i was viewed and accepted. Because I developed so early I was objectified and then I started to hide myself which then lead to emotional eating and so on and so on. It’s been a journey to shut out what others expect of my body. Being in this industry it can be difficult to silence that voice that tells you because if your body you may not be “good enough”. But wow have times changed. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always an easy journey. But from someone who has suffered through eating disorders and has gone through physical transformations throughout my career I can honestly say I’ve grown so much. I no longer put weight on what others have to say about my body. I appreciate and love my body. All I truly want to do at the core of my heart is to take care of my body. I thank everyone who has ever criticized, celebrated, pushed, held, challenged, supported , and loved my body. I’ve found a new love for my body and others bodies and have discovered that health is the most important thing for my body. So let’s bring on this new year loving our bodies and putting our health first! <3


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