• Justina Adorno

Thanks Giving

This Thanksgiving I decided to spend it with my mom and her side of the family. I was very nervous going back to South Carolina for this holiday. Its always been a holiday that gets me very anxious because there is so much food everywhere and nothing is vegan. Everyone tends to ask me 50 question about what I'm eating, why im not eating certain things, why I am I vegan, how much im eating, why they aren't vegan, etc. You get the point. It can be very overwhelming depending on my family's mood. However, I came with some vegan options thanks to my mother and I had sweet potato casserole, rice beans with sausage, and boiled kale with avocado! The best. I really didn't need all the other extra options, even if they were veganised. I still had my fair share of indulgence but I didn't let those thoughts control my overall being. That is the most important step. I basically made vegan turkey cranberry sandwiches all weekend haha


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