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This week has felt so off since it is the first week that we have not had an episode of Grand Hotel nor has my focused been on Grand Hotel. Grand Hotel has been my life for basically a year and a half and these are my day 1s! Ive learned so much from each individual in this picture in so many different ways that they may not even know. During this process I learned so much about myself and I've grown so much. As we still await an answer about Grand Hotels renewal; I can honestly smile and feel filled with gratitude. I absolutely love our fans and its been such a beautiful thing to get to share our work with so many of you and hear the inspiring responses. Y'all are seriously funny too! I always looked forward to reading your tweets. I have found a liking to twitter because of the fans of Grand Hotel haha...

thank you so much

to everyone who has watched and has supported us

Fingers crossed we get to continue these stories of these complex beautiful characters and that we get to work with each other again.

If not, I can look back and smile because my heart was full. SO full it was a dream.

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